Top Ways To Leverage User-Generated Content For E-commerce In 2022

What do customers really want to hear or see? From actual people, actual experiences. That conveys greater trust and credibility.

No matter what invention is given to Earth, humans need unbiased feedback from people beyond businesses to support their assertions. People do not consistently purchase from your brand as the product line is great. They stay owing to the positive effects your product or service leaves in their lives. It could be the aftereffect of using your product, the money saved, or simply the happiness they get from buying from a mom-and-pop business. 

The customer-centric approach needs to be the core of the online business, otherwise, it can’t survive. In this blog, let’s explore the User-Generated Content (UGC) real-world importance in brand exposure. 

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated content (UGC) is any content curated by individuals who are often your customers in exchange for anything in return. 

  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Pictures
  • Thread posts
  • Videos
  • Blogs

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a legitimate marketing ploy, not a flimsy gimmick. According to data, more than 80% of consumers say UGC influences their purchasing choices. To further understand the term, let’s look at how Instagram, one of the social media platforms, effectively uses user-generated content by culling it from most likely pictorial sources. The visual media on Instagram is highly relatable to users or new joiners. 

Since eCommerce relies on internet shopping to exist, it is imperative to stay moving at all times. Join the journey with user-generated content to ensure your sustainability. To progress successfully, these are the best ways.

Best five ways to use UGC for eCommerce boost 

Influencer marketing 

UGC and influencer marketing differ, but the two can complement each other.

When it comes to user-generated content for eCommerce, customers tend to trust other consumers’ opinions more than companies’ thoughts. You can convince potential customers to buy your product by having folks test it out and then having them provide an unbiased review through videos.

Your finest user-generated content (UGC) will likely come from those micro-influencers with 100,000 followers or less. The engagement rate of micro-influencers is 700% more than that of mega-influencers. This suggests that they have more sway over the audience.

No matter what, anyone who has a compelling narrative to share holds power to convince people, including your customers and employees. And amassing this content for use on websites, social networks, and sponsored content may say a lot.

Email campaigns 

Since every e-commerce store has an email marketing plan which includes newsletters, launches, promotions, and more, email is a great way to inject UGC. This builds the value of a brand.

For instance, abandoned cart emails can do more than just highlight the perks. Businesses can use videos of real customers using their products or services to give an honest review of the aftertaste of that product. Introduce new products with testimonials and reviews from first-movers and influential people.

Social media 

Start by looking through all the social media accounts where you have been mentioned or featured. Depending on the brand, Instagram or Twitter may be the preferred social media platform. Take notice in the way your consumers are interacting with or saying ‘words’ about your product. 

Make sure your followers tag your profile when they share content. Incentives such as freebies and ongoing contests could also be used to motivate employees. Targeting varied demographics and groups through Omni-marketing channels is always a good idea.

Product Pages

Conversion rates can increase by 40% when the proper pictures are used on the product pages. But if every other eCommerce website uses images, what makes you unique? Instead of using the products’ static advertising shots, as a brand, you can use images of your consumers. When real consumers are shown using and endorsing a product, it inspires confidence and interest in it.

Additionally, the placement of the picture is crucial. Use photos at the top of the product page wherever possible. This receives the most publicity.

UGC page

A dedicated page just for UGC is advantageous because the customers can directly access it. Post the content where it is supposed to be, not just to influence the customers too hard.  

Brands can also turn their Instagram profile into a “shoppable” one and link posts to product pages. The active followers will surely love this, and this can be helpful to you in several ways. 


UGC does more than just provide your brand with a steady supply of helpful information; in the end, it also indicates consumer loyalty. UGC can enable you to establish confidence, reduce purchase cycles, and increase brand awareness. UGC is undoubtedly the most effective approach to persuade potential customers to buy something from your e-commerce store. If interested buyers can observe the product being used by a regular person, their chances of making a purchase go way up. UGC can offer your e-commerce website greater credibility and assist you in creating strong bonds with your most precious customers.


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